Litter Box

We recommend using a dust free, odor free, no clay, and clumping litter. We recommend Purina Tidy Cats Breeze System Starter Kit Cat Litter Box. The clay litter and the litter with the large amount of dust might cause respiratory problems. Clean the litter box every day.





The Sphynx cats do not have fur to absorb the natural oils from their skin. They will require bathing. If your cat hates water but you know that you have to bath them, one alternative that you can use are wet wipes. There are special ones for cats but you can also buy make-up remover wipes for sensitive human skin. These will help you clean your sphynx cat without them having to touch the water. We use Bayer HyLyt Shampoo, soap-Free Cleansing and moisturizing Shampoo.




Sphynx cats do not have any hair in the ears, so the dust gets into the ears easily. Sphynx’s ears have a tendency to accumulate grease and wax if not cleaned with appropriate frequency. You can use the Q-Tips to clean the ears. You will need to clean the Sphynx’s ears once a week. We start cleaning the kitten’s ears once they turn 4 weeks. We recommend using Vetericyn Ear Rinse. We also recommend people to use Coconut Oil to clean Sphynx ears. You can purchase it at any drug store. It will clean the ears, will treat any scratches, and will give the ears a pleasant odor.


It is very important to regularly trim your cat’s nails. I recommend that you trim and clean nails weekly using Whisker City® Pet Nail Scissors that you purchase from PetSmart. Do not waste your money on any other expensive products to trim the nails. I have tried everything on the market, and I found Whisker City® Pet Nail Scissors works the best. Also, I would recommend purchasing any scratching posts for your cat to use. If you do not train your cat to use the scratching post, they will be using your carpet or your furniture for this purpose and one day you will end up replacing them. Please do not take your cat to trim the nails to the pet salons or vet hospitals. You can do it on your own. The procedure is very simple. Just remember to trim the very edge of the nail which is a clear color. Try not to go too far to trim the brown part of the nail. If you go too far, it may start bleeding. In that case, apply some antibacterial medication that you would use for yourself.


Hairless kittens may have brown stains on their teeth when young. This is VERY common. When you take your kitten/cat to the vet that is not familiar with the breed, they might tell you that your cat has stained teeth or the cat was on the antibiotics for a long time, etc. When we hear comments like that, we always reply back that it is very common for Sphynx to have brown teeth when they are young. The teeth should become lighter when they are grown.


Sphynx cats lack eyelashes, so eye care should be more rigorous than what is usual in other breeds. They are more prone to eye infections, and therefore constant hygiene is important. Hairless breeds tend to get eye boogers as they do not have eyelashes to protect their eyes from dirt. Wipe their eyes gently with a cotton ball dipped in warm water to remove boogers.

All shynxkittenclowder breeding cats have been tested for and found to NOT have FELV or the FIV Viruses. Also, all our breeding cats are scanned for HCM and they are all clear. Any cat you get from us comes with a health certificate bearing a one year health guarantee.